Kayak Instruction

Barker River Trips offers 1/2 day to multi-day kayak instruction and inflatable kayak instruction. Join Devon Barker for rolling, surfing, or river running instruction. Devon will help you take your kayaking to the next level to insure you have even more fun on the water.

• 2 hour introduction to strokes and rolling instruction with video review- $40
• 1/2 Day surfing, or river running instruction- Private- $70 Semi-private- $50
• Full Day- Private- $120 Semi-private $100
• 3 day raft supported kayaking- $700
• 4 day raft supported kayaking- $900
• 5 day raft supported kayaking- $1100

Private and semi-private instruction is available. You are encouraged to bring your own kayaking gear. This will help you become well acquainted with your equipment. If you are just starting out you can rent kayak gear from us or a local kayak shop. Please inquire on your specific sizing and needs.

Join Jess Huckins and Devon Barker-Hicks for Salmon River Splash, a two-day kayak clinic on the Salmon River, near Riggins, Idaho September 9-10. Contact for more information.

Contact Devon: 1.208.413.0319

Let's go paddle!